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We at The Finney Search Group are very close to a number of schools dealing with this unprecedented pandemic in remarkable ways. Our world is upside down, and many foundational tenets of great schools are being severely tested. We understand.

As the crisis erupted, we were concluding (thank goodness) a number of Retained Searches. Although the emerging pandemic caused some irregularities in the hiring process, we are happy to say they all ended with talented pools of candidates, presenting difficult decisions for the decision makers….something we take great pride in, as you know.


Pursuant to those searches concluding, it has become obvious the model to hire great leaders is changing almost daily.  No two schools are handling hiring the same, and all the principal hirers feel the pressure of getting to know candidates well through a Zoom or phone call before making an impactful decision. We get it.


We also think there is a unique opportunity in these trying times. Those of you who understand how TFSG truly gets to know incredibly well each candidate we offer to you in our searches already know our value. We realize that enlightened and confident leaders like you can make a hiring determination quicker than others. The usual process involving consensus and discernment involving many stakeholders at your school can lead to timing issues. We don’t have time these days.


So, keep in mind, we are there for you. We take tremendous pride in finding great candidates quickly; short-term searches are one of our specialties. If you find yourself in difficult situations late in this unsettled year, we will do all we can to help you.


In the meantime, keep doing the wonderful things you are doing to make your school special. Great schools, like great people, grow stronger through crises. 

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