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Founded in 1784, Friends School of Baltimore provides a coeducational, college preparatory program guided by the Quaker values of truth, equality, simplicity, community and peaceful resolution of conflict. By setting high standards of excellence for a diverse and caring community, Friends School seeks to develop in each student the spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative strengths to make a positive contribution to the world.

The faculty and staff of Friends support the mission of the School through their commitment to a collaborative work environment, to which they contribute joy, passion, sense of humor, organization, and flexibility. Regardless of position, Friends School employees interact with students and colleagues in a respectful and warm manner.  

In addition to a commitment to the fundamental ideals of Quaker education, Friends School staff members are expected to model and foster the habits of mind, which we believe are essential to an outstanding 21st century education: creativity, curiosity, empathy, reflection, and resilience.

Context and Philosophy:

Friends School of Baltimore has an opening for a full-time Director of Athletics  to provide leadership, direction, guidance, and support for the development and realization of the School’s Athletic Program and Philosophy, assuming full responsibility for all aspects of the athletic program in support of the School’s Mission.  The successful candidate will assume this role July 1, 2017.


Athletic Philosophy

At Friends School of Baltimore, we regard our athletic program as an essential part of our curriculum and an important element of our students’ education. We believe that our students benefit from experiencing the challenges and joys of athletic competition and that the learning experiences provided by athletics are unique and important to a child’s development. Athletics at Friends allows each participant to excel at her or his own level and to reach his or her potential while also committing, alongside teammates, to the vigorous pursuit of common goals. Our athletic program embodies and reinforces the core values of Friends School - simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship - and develops in our athletes the critical qualities of resilience, collaboration, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication and leadership.  Through our athletic program, we seek to inspire a lifelong love of sports and a physically active lifestyle. Our goals and our values demand that students and coaches treat each other, officials, and opposing players, coaches and fans with respect, dignity and sportsmanship at all times, and hold themselves to a high level of personal conduct and commitment to the team.


As a school community, we affirm our commitment to the following:

  • Friends School will provide the best athletic experience possible for each child, creating successful, competitive teams.  We strive for excellence and high achievement both individually and collectively, while always upholding the values of the School.

  • Our goals for the athletic program mirror those for academics and the arts; high standards for all involved, full commitment from adults and students, and continuous, differentiated support that allows every child to fulfill her or his potential.  We also seek, as in academics and the arts, to provide preparation and guidance to those students who wish to pursue athletics at the collegiate level.

  • Friends School has consciously fostered a culture of participation that supports the intellectual, physical and personal development of each student.

  • We seek to provide access and equity for all student athletes in all of our athletic programs.

  • Friends School is committed to training and developing athletes at all levels - from novice to elite.

  • We seek to hire coaches who have deep expertise in their sport(s) and proven coaching abilities, and who will strive to embody our Quaker values and philosophy in all aspects of their work with our students.

  • Friends School believes that coaches are educators and role models, dedicated to and responsible for the quality of the learning experience of the students in their care.




  • Creates and maintains a positive environment which encourages and enhances each student’s participation and development in every athletic endeavor.

  • Effectively articulates and communicates to internal and external audiences the unique nature of the Friends School of Baltimore athletic program, the rationale of the school’s approach to sports, and its value for students and families.

  • Ensures that all coaches are well-versed in the school’s Quaker values and in how to conduct themselves in a manner that is entirely consistent with these values.

  • Promotes pride, spirit, and success for and among all athletic teams on and off campus.

  • Creates and maintains high standards of sportsmanship and fair play for athletic competition in every sport offered.

  • Plans and leads athletic recognition assemblies and athletic awards programs.



  • Provides strategic planning and ongoing evaluation for the entire athletic program in the Middle and Upper Schools  including policies, philosophy, personnel, individual sports, and facilities.

  • Regularly attends athletic contests both home and away.

  • Attends as many athletic contests as possible, both home and away, to represent the school, to supervise student participation and parent conduct, and to evaluate coaches.

  • Provides orientation and ongoing training for all coaches in positive coaching, best practices and latest developments in individual sports, and the responsibilities inherent in coaching at a Quaker school.

  • Acts as a leader for the administration and all coaching personnel on matters pertaining to the athletic program.

  • Provides an ongoing evaluation process of the entire athletic program including personnel, individual sports, and facilities.

  • Maintains and revises the Athletic Handbook and other materials that establish policies and procedures of the program.

  • Responsible for proper care, distribution, storage and replacement of all athletic equipment and uniforms

  • Works closely with Office of Admission and Enrollment Management to yield student-athletes in the admission process.



Student Athlete Development

  • Works with coaches and the Office of College Counseling  to guide and support  prospective student-athletes in their pursuit of continuing their athletic career in college.  Communicates regularly and effectively  with student athletes, families, faculty, and coaches about NCAA eligibility requirements, sport-by-sport recruitment timelines, the role of and intersection with club sports, and all other components of the recruitment of student athletes to participate in NCAA D-I, D-II, or D-III intercollegiate athletics.

  • Maintains and enforces policies and best practices regarding the safety and health of students and regularly communicates these to students, coaches and other individuals involved in the athletic program.

  • Works with the Athletic Trainer in providing a safe environment for games and practices, and for the treatment, care, and rehabilitation of all school-related athletic injuries.

  • Works with the school faculty/staff to support the academic endeavors of every student-athlete and reduce missed class time through careful planning of the School’s athletic calendar and daily operation of practices and games.


Management and supervision

  • Maintains and supports high quality coaching and is responsible for the recruitment, selection, hiring, evaluation, and professional development of the coaching staff.  Engages in proactive communication and works in concert with the Principals in regard to teacher-coaches.  This includes close mentoring of new coaches.

  • Directly supervises, supports, and collaborates with the Associate Director of Athletics, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning personnel, seasonal coaches and other departmental personnel.

  • Holds staff and coaches meetings for updates on current athletic information and policies, to address any problems or concerns, and to support and mentor each coach in their pursuit of excellence.

  • Holds all departmental personnel to the highest standards of ethical behavior with students and promptly consults with Principals and Human Resources regarding any personnel matters pertaining to coaches and other departmental personnel.

  • Ensures that all programs are filled with knowledgeable, talented coaches and individuals who are properly trained in all organizational and philosophical aspects of the athletic program.


Communication and Relationships

  • Demonstrates commitment to the School’s program as a whole by fully understanding and following all School policies and procedures.

  • Willingly assumes professional duties and maintains professional relationships with colleagues, students, parents, board members, and friends of the School.

  • Communicates regularly and leads monthly meetings with the Principals  regarding athletes and the athletics program.

  • Maintains regular communication with parents, faculty/staff, coaches, and students regarding athletic policies and events.

  • Serves as a primary contact for all student and parents’ questions regarding athletics and provides timely responses.

  • Advises the Principals of any student disciplinary issues that occur during athletics so the issue can be addressed appropriately with the students, parents, coaches using the School’s disciplinary procedures when warranted.

  • Is professionally active and knowledgeable and represents the School at various state, regional and national associations.

  • Represents the athletics department at Admissions, Development,  Alumni and other school events.



  • Coordinates the supervision, transportation, security and other operational details of all contests, tournaments and sanctioned athletic events on or off campus.

  • Contracts all game officials for home events and communicates with other schools to plan and confirm athletic contests.

  • Oversees and approves the  scheduling of all interscholastic games within the framework of the school calendar in coordination with the academic divisions.

  • Oversees transportation for all away athletic events, in compliance with Friends School of Baltimore’s insurance policies and practices.

  • Develops and submits an annual budget to the Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations and administers approved budget for the athletic department including approval of expenses and personnel changes.

  • Works with the Director of Facilities to ensure all athletic facilities are safe, clean and prepared to host contests, game(s) or events and secures permission and permits for use of off-campus facilities.


This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by an employee in this position.



  • Master’s degree or advanced certification in related field (preferred);

  • Demonstrated administrative experience as a leader and supervisor;

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills;

  • Significant experience with and knowledge of Middle and Upper School students, their developmental needs, and a full range of relevant athletic programs;

  • Superior coaching skills and a history of excellence as a varsity head coach in one or more sports;

  • Vision, flexibility, and imagination;

  • High degree of physical dexterity and stamina, as job duties are regularly performed with some exposure to adverse weather conditions.


Consistent with the values of a Quaker school, Friends School of Baltimore is committed to a diverse and inclusive community with respect to race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family status, economic circumstance, age, and physical disability in its student body, faculty and staff.


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