Superior teacher-coach/mentors often form the single-most important influence on a young person’s life in the formative years aside from their parents. It is this dual function in the school community that allows teacher-coach/mentors to inspire and connect with students.

Teacher-coach/mentors are priceless assets to children as they develop academic, athletic, and personal strengths. Athletes and non-athletes alike thrive in a classroom where the teacher is also a coach. They see an adult setting a vivid example of multi-dimensional commitment to life endeavors.

Coaches who are also teachers view winning less as a primary mission than as a byproduct of all that goes into it: practice, commitment, teamwork, personal responsibility, time management, risk-taking and integrity.  The athletic field is another classroom where lessons are experienced on an emotional as well as intellectual level.

Despite the powerful rewards of this paradigm, schools are hiring fewer young, teacher-coach role models than ever. The college admissions trend is veering away from “the well-rounded student”. An unintended consequence of this shift is a shortage of well-rounded teachers in secondary schools.

The Finney Search Group exists to uphold what we know to be an invaluable aspect of the independent school experience.

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