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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Athletic Program

The 3 pillars of independent school education are Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. Yet Athletics are often considered the “front door” to the School. Managing a high-functioning Athletic Department is a dynamic, challenging and ever-changing responsibility, requiring a School to be responsive to both internal and external constituents.

Today, Athletic Programs are faced with a myriad of newer, complex issues: club teams, social media, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, physical and mental wellness, marketing/branding, enrollment pressures, working collaboratively with admissions departments, and balancing the role of Athletics with Academics and the Arts. 


An Athletic Program Analysis (APA) from The Finney Search Group can analyze these issues, provide solutions, and unlock the full potential of your school's Athletic Program.

Volleyball Team

What We Review


Mission and Philosophy

Is the mission of the Athletic Department aligned with the mission
of the School?

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Analysis of all facets of Athletic Department operations


Wellness & Mental Health

What initiatives are needed to address the Wellness & Mental Health needs of student-athletes?

totalteam_total team approach.png

Organizational Structure

How is the Department structured, and are there areas for improvement?

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Leagues & Affliations

Analysis of league affiliations, if requested

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Facilities & Finance Needs

Analysis of short-term & long-term capital needs and plans, if requested


Leadership Development

Analysis of professional and leadership development opportunities for staff, coaches, & students

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Programs & Policies

Do current programs & policies address the current challenges facing the “modern Athletic Director”?



How effective are the Department’s overall communication efforts?

What We Deliver

  • A Pre-Visit discussion with Head of School and Director of Athletics
    (if requested)

  • A 1 ½ - 2-day On-Site Visit to analyze the 9 areas described above

  • An Exit Visit with Head of School including informal summary of feedback & findings

  • A comprehensive APA Report with recommendations

  • Post-Visit follow-up and review, 6 months after on-site Analysis


Our Athletic Program Analysis is conducted by Carol Hatton, former Director of Athletics at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD. Carol was named IAAM Athletic Director of the Year in 2020. Click here to see Carol’s full biography.

If you’d like to learn more about our Athletic Program Analysis or to request a proposal, please contact Carol at 410-978-9662, or

Athletic Program Analysis

Why Work With Us

  • Strong Mentorship Cultures
    Successful independent school faculties have strong mentorship cultures, providing you a valuable opportunity to learn from, and forge lifelong relationships with outstanding leaders.
  • Small Class Sizes
    Small class sizes allow for a more intimate teaching environment, allowing you to exercise your creativity, and maximize your students' learning experience.
  • Parental Involvement
    Independent schools typically enjoy a higher degree of parental involvement, which can help your students maintain motivation and reinforce the teaching lessons from your classroom.
  • Additional Perquisites
    Independent schools typically offer their teachers generous health and life insurance plans, and additional financial aid incentives, such as tuition discounts for your children. Some independent schools offer affordable, on-campus housing. This can be a terrific opportunity to experience the full breadth of school life, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Subsidized Tuition for Advanced Degrees
    Independent schools will often pay for advanced degrees, such as fellowship programs where you can earn an advanced degree.
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