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Honoring our Namesake
Redmond Finney

Reddy Finney had a profound belief that we all have something special in our makeup, something that sometimes needs to be cultivated, supported, prodded, loved.  He was always there to help each individual achieve his/her greatness. 


Reddy inspires both the name and the spirit of our company. He served as Gilman Headmaster for 23 years. He was a three-sport athlete at Princeton and a Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) graduate. His approach, his skill, and his passion have touched each of our lives at The Finney Search Group and driven us to cultivate other teacher-coaches in his likeness, for the good of students and schools everywhere.


At Reddy's passing, Finney Search Group Co-Founder Sherm Bristow eloquently stated: "What made this man so special? How did white middle class [Maryland] families from Parkville, Arbutus, Little Italy, Timonium and elsewhere in the mid 1960’s give their most prized possessions to this man, when the school was not filled with middle class kids?  How did African American families from East and West Baltimore during this same era of social unrest entrust their children to this man, when the school had no African American students, none? How did Jewish and Arab families, families from South Korea, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan and other exotic lands entrust their children to this man and school?

There are many answers, but fundamentally they trusted him; he connected with them. They believed in him because they knew he truly believed in them and their children, and that he would protect and embrace them."

For those reasons, among many others, we named our firm The Finney Search Group, and even though we now speak of Mr. Finney in the past tense, we attempt to perpetuate his legacy through our work.

Reddy Finney

“On the one hand, Mr. Finney had four unwavering and immovable guiding principles in his heart and soul – integrity, authenticity, compassion, and faith in God. He wore each on his rolled-up sleeves. On the other hand, he had the broadest, most encompassing understanding of the diverse, complex realities of our human condition. Never have I met anyone so singularly committed to his values, while so unconditionally embracing a significant diversity of ideas and people from all backgrounds. I am blessed that Mr. Finney will always be part of my life. Thanks to God for the connection!”

Bo Dixon

Co-Founding Partner

The Finney Search Group

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