Our Commitment 

True to the principles and ideals of our namesake, Reddy Finney, a priority of The Finney Search Group is supporting the efforts of schools to breathe life into their philosophical commitments to the principles of inclusivity, equity, and social justice. To that end, recruitment and retention of faculty representing diversity of race, religion, ethnicity, and orientation is one of our priorities. Our support begins with a trusting partnership designed to understand the school’s unique mission and culture.   


Clearly our school communities are witnessing an historic moment in the struggle for equity that requires authentic and inspired leadership. The Finney Search Group is committed to finding and placing leaders who embody these traits.

The most compelling evidence of our firm’s commitment can be seen in the actual results of our placement history. We are proud that 57% of our total placements over the last 5 years have been women and/or people of color.

To learn how we can support your school in this area, please contact Sherm Bristow at sbristow@thefinneysearchgroup.com.


"The name of the organization says it all. To know Mr. Finney is to understand the essence and mission of The Finney Search Group. Mr. Finney was an early, passionate pioneer who instilled excellence in students of all colors, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

This group of professionals is passionate about their work, and they won't settle for placing any individual into a school's position. 


I offer my strongest recommendation of The Finney Search Group as a firm dedicated to helping schools reach their highest potential by providing the kind of people who can help them achieve that goal."

Johnnie Foreman

Gilman School Director of Community Inclusion and Equity

Recipient, 2014 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award