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We are relentless in our search for transformative leaders

Heads of School have relied on The Finney Search Group to find transformational leaders for independent schools across the U.S.A. We work closely with these Heads, serving as a third-party evaluator and trusted advisor, freeing the School Heads from the burdensome time requirements of the search process and allowing them to focus on the day-to-day activities of leading their schools.

Heads of School retain The Finney Search Group because they're confident we will never settle for sending them partially qualified candidates.

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Find transformative
leaders today

We partner with over 100 schools across the U.S.

Why Work With The Finney Search Group?

We Get it Right

Our 95% success retention rate since our inception reflects our deep understanding of our client schools and their Heads of School. We know from experience the qualifications and traits that make transformative leaders. You can rest assured when we present you with a list of "finalists" for the job that any of them would make for a successful match.

No Upfront Fees

We do not charge an upfront subscription or membership fee as some firms do. We also don't inundate you with dozens of resumes for candidates that are not fully suited to the position you need filled. We’re fiercely proud that we know our candidates as applicants, teachers, administrators, coaches, Heads of School and human beings. 


Our Total Team Approach

We don't assign you to a "placement counselor" or "placement associate" with limited experience. Instead you receive the benefit of all four partners at The Finney Search Group, working together as a team on your behalf to find a successful match.


We take the details and legwork of the search process off your hands, letting you focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of your job. We only present you with thoroughly-vetted candidates who bring exceptional qualifications, character, integrity and leadership to the position.

Our Expertise in the Teacher-Coach Model                                                   

For those Heads of School committed to the Teacher-Coach Model, you've come to the right firm. We understand the value of this model, and we know how to match your staffing needs with great teacher-coaches.


Our Placement History




Placement History

Teachers, Administrators, Coaches

Athletic Directors

Heads of School/
Division Heads of School

“Having worked with The Finney Search Group both as a candidate and as a hiring school, I can say they do three things better than anyone:

1. They get to know candidates intimately.

2. They get to know you and your school inside and out.

3. They don't waste your time recommending candidates that don't fill your needs.

Every candidate I have hired from a Finney Search Group recommendation has proven to be an excellent colleague, an outstanding educator, and connected deeply with students. And for me, I landed in exactly the right spot and will be forever grateful to The Finney Search Group for helping me find that perfect match.”

Henry Heil, Head of School 

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