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Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Find Your Perfect Career with
The Finney Search Group

Why work with us?

Our Services Are Free

Simply put, we work for you.  We have excellent personal relationships with independent schools around the country, who trust us to match their staffing needs with the ideal candidate.

A Demonstrated History of Success

Our 95% success retention rate with leadership retained searches proves our ability to successfully match your individual career objectives with the ideal position for you. Check out a list of some of our Recently Completed Searches.

Our Access to the Decision-Makers

We work directly with Heads of School, who are the key decision-makers in the hiring process. When we go to work to find a great career match for you, we won't assign you to an inexperienced "associate", as some firms do.  Our entire Finney Search Group team works in tandem to maximize your chance for success.   

Expertise in the Teacher-Coach Model

The Finney Search Group has experienced significant success placing candidates interested in becoming a "teacher-coach". Both the applicants we serve and our client schools believe the Teacher-Coach Model provides athletes and non-athletes alike the chance to thrive in an environment where the teacher is a "coach" both inside and outside the classroom.

Our Specialty in Athletics                      

One of our specialties at The Finney Search Group has been our ability to match schools with applicants interested in athletics. If your interest is in teaching-coaching, coaching, or Athletic Director opportunities, you've come to the right place.

Register With Us 
(It's Free!)

We partner with independent schools across the U.S.

The Benefits of Teaching at an Independent school

  • Strong Mentorship Cultures
    Successful independent school faculties have strong mentorship cultures, providing you a valuable opportunity to learn from, and forge lifelong relationships with outstanding leaders.
  • Small Class Sizes
    Small class sizes allow for a more intimate teaching environment, allowing you to exercise your creativity, and maximize your students' learning experience.
  • Parental Involvement
    Independent schools typically enjoy a higher degree of parental involvement, which can help your students maintain motivation and reinforce the teaching lessons from your classroom.
  • Additional Perquisites
    Independent schools typically offer their teachers generous health and life insurance plans, and additional financial aid incentives, such as tuition discounts for your children. Some independent schools offer affordable, on-campus housing. This can be a terrific opportunity to experience the full breadth of school life, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Subsidized Tuition for Advanced Degrees
    Independent schools will often pay for advanced degrees, such as fellowship programs where you can earn an advanced degree.

Our Process

Register with Us

Working with The Finney Search Group is free of charge to you. The first step is to register with us. This helps us more accurately understand your career interests, geographic preferences, teaching levels, etc. It’s very important that you include, along with your resume, letters of recommendation, job references, etc.  

Start a Dialogue

Once you register with us, you'll be contacted by a Finney Search Group partner. We start the process of fully understanding your career aspirations and skill sets. This is where our team's experience and personal backgrounds will benefit you, as we truly understand the needs of our client schools, and which skills and character traits make for a successful match.

We Go to Work for You 

Our Total Team Approach means we won't assign you to a "placement counselor" or "placement associate", as some firms might do. Instead you receive the benefit of all four partners at The Finney Search Group, working together as a team on your behalf to find a successful match.

We Work Together

We provide you with job posting websites to review. At the same time our team is also in constant contact with our client schools, searching for the right fit for you. We contact you when an opportunity arises.

Let Us Provide the Introduction

If you find a potential opportunity through your own search, we strongly encourage you to contact The Finney Search Group before contacting the school directly. We will serve as your strongest advocate, helping you bypass the “gatekeeper” and paving the way for a successful match. Contacting us first will maximize your chance of success.

Our Placement History




Placement History

Teachers, Administrators, Coaches

Athletic Directors

Heads of School/
Division Heads of School

"It is hard to put into words what The Finney Search Group has done for me and my family. Chris, Sherm and Bo – I owe you guys so much! You always connected me with a lead and gave me the truth – about the job or my fit there. You guys are the best!! And I mean that. I spoke with other search firms, and they cannot hold a candle to your group. Keep it up!!”

Kurt Ruch, Director of Athletics and Recreation

George School, Newtown, PA

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