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Mark McKee

Head of School

Viewpoint School, Calabasas, CA


"Thank you for your outstanding work with Viewpoint in this search. I have appreciated your professionalism, knowledge, and diligence and our collaboration was essential to such a positive result." 

Jennifer Ciccarelli

Head of School

Marlborough School, Los Angeles, CA


"The Finney Search Group made hiring an Athletic Director so easy! They assembled an impressive group of highly qualified, diverse candidates for Marlborough, and they were with us every step of the way, ensuring that we were able to attract and then hire an incredibly talented, mission-aligned Athletic Director." 

Shannon Soares

Director of Athletics

The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA


"The Finney Search Group is comprised of special people. Bo, Sherm, Chris, Trey and Carol have impressive backgrounds that allow them to understand the needs of the institution and its stakeholders. They are passionate about contributing to the development of leaders within the independent school landscape, and while their leadership experiences and network across independent schools run deep, they aren't afraid to seek out candidates from different backgrounds. They were genuine in wanting to understand my professional journey and aspirations to identify fit, and they put people first. My family and I are grateful to them for helping us find our opportunity at Westminster."

Paul Sipes

Co-Director of Athletics

Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA


"Your Summer Institute was, by far, the best professional development event I have attended as an Athletic Director. I can't tell you how many times I have been to professional development opportunities that were aimed at public school scenarios involving positions my school didn't have (eg: Resource Officers, Assistant Principals, Ticket Takers, Bus Monitors etc....). It was great hearing from other private school athletics administrators and their problems and solutions.  You assembled a great group of presenters who prompted great questions from the attendees. I felt very inspired to action.  When you have been doing this job long enough, you can predict the things that you don't look forward to dealing with, and I felt energized to tackle the harder parts of my job as a result of attending the Finney Search Group's Summer Institute, and for this I am thankful.  I will be recommending this experience to quite a few people and I hope to continue working with you in one way or another for years to come."

Allie Tennyson

Director of Athletics

Bishop Lynch High School, Dallas, TX

bl logo.jpg

"I wanted to send a note of sincere gratitude for the time and intentionality you all poured into the Summer Institute earlier this week. The three days were professionally planned and thoughtfully executed. The three days were filled with new learnings, opportunities to self-evaluate and reflect, and time to plan for growth; both personally and for our individual campuses. The opportunity to come together with like-minded individuals from across the country was invaluable, and I look forward to the many new connections and friends I now have. I took time to reflect on the notes I took over the two days at the Institute on my plane ride home. A common theme I noticed was -- prioritizing and investing in relationships, which is exactly what you all did by creating the Summer Institute. (PS: I have already convinced an AD from Dallas and one from Houston to attend next year!) "

Josh Frechette

Associate Director of Athletics

Shady Side Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Copy of 800px-Shady_Side_Academy_logo.svg.png

"Thanks so much for everything this year. The Summer Institute is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I started athletic admin work in 2007! We’ve figured out informal setups like these in our areas, I’m sure. But to have a go-to group outside of our school bubbles is such an advantage, and a great place to know we aren’t alone in figuring these issues out. Such a great opportunity!"

Henry P. A. Smyth

Head of School

Gilman School, Baltimore, MD


"With the search now complete, I want to acknowledge the work of The Finney Search Group, which took on this important project with enthusiasm and effectiveness, and I am very grateful to the members of the search advisory committee."

Mims Maynard Zabriskie

Trustee & Head of School Search Committee Honorary Chair

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA


"Thank you for an outstanding search and an even more outstanding new Head of School. We appreciate your dedication, guidance and sense of humor. Thank you for finding Delvin and keeping us on track."

Joseph Viola 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Verbum Dei High School, Los Angeles, CA  

Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Capital


“We could not have been more pleased in hiring The Finney Search Group to source a new president for the Jesuit high school. The entire team was highly engaged, very professional, brought strong candidates for the committee to consider, and provided valuable counsel to the search committee. If the need arises, we would hire them again." 

Edison Cassels

Trustee & Search Committee Chair

Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC

CCD logo.png

“Sherm, thanks for the great process and insights. You guys do a fabulous job selecting top candidates and communicating the strengths of each. We can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work and dedication you all put into this process to give us such excellent candidates! Thank you!!”

Tim Levin

Trustee & Head of School Search Committee Co-Chair

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA


"Bo and Sherm, thanks! The two of you, and Penny too, were so instrumental to our successful search. It also is a pleasure to work with you!" 

Monica Erb

Associate Director of Athletics/Director of Sports Medicine

Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte, NC

CCD logo.png

“What a wealth of knowledge and experience you all have!!! You all are the best and just really get high school athletics. There is nothing that can take the place of experience! The 4 of you just get it!! You all were definitely the right group to help us with our search. You guys really do go above and beyond expectations and you can tell that you put a lot of time, energy, and thoughtful consideration and care into finding the “right” fit for a school. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Bart Griffith

Head of School

Shady Side Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Copy of 800px-Shady_Side_Academy_logo.svg.png

"Thanks to Finney Search Group for bringing us a great pool! All four finalists all were entirely qualified and each could have done the job and done it well."

John Lewis

Head of School

The Gunston School, Centreville, MD


"Rock solid pool, so count me as a happy customer!"

Seth Kushkin

Director of Athletics

St. Anne's-Belfield School, Charlottesville, VA

Stab logo.jpg

"I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to thank you all and your combined team effort throughout these past many months as I managed my way through some difficult times, some rewarding conversations to come out in a wonderful place for myself and my family. You all make up a remarkable team and I can not thank you all enough for your patience and support throughout the process. I hope that we have the chance to connect in person sometime soon so I can thank you all in person."

Kurt Ruch 

Director of Athletics & Recreation
George School, Newtown, PA  


“It is hard to put into words what The Finney Search Group has done for me and my family. From the first moment I spoke with members of the group I felt comfortable in knowing they were going to look out for my best interests. They welcomed me like a member of their family and guided me through various parts of the search process.  


Their professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the independent school market cannot be measured. Throughout
my entire search they were able to assist my every need, answer all of my questions, and provide help when needed. 


My friendship with The Finney Search Group staff has grown, and I consider them as mentors and as family. I know I can email, text or call them and they will offer help or answers to my needs. They are a special group of people that takes care
of the individual they are working with, his or her family, and at the same time “looks out” for the school they are connecting with. 


Chris, Sherm and Bo – I owe you guys so much. You always connected me with a lead and gave me the truth – about the job, or my fit there. There is no way I can thank you or express my thanks – but please know I appreciate everything you guys have done for me and my family. THANK YOU – is not enough, but I am not sure what else to say. You guys are the best!! And I mean that. I spoke with the other groups and they cannot hold a candle to your group. Keep it up!!”

Henry Heil

Head of School

Brookstone School, Columbus, GA


“Having worked with The Finney Search Group both as a candidate and as a hiring school, I can say they do three things better than anyone:

1. They get to know candidates intimately.

2. They get to know you and your school inside and out.

3. They don't waste your time recommending candidates that don't fill your needs.

Every candidate I have hired from a Finney Search Group recommendation has proven to be an excellent colleague, an outstanding educator, and connected deeply with students. And for me, I landed in exactly the right spot and will be forever grateful to The Finney Search Group for helping me find that perfect match.”

Head of School Search Committee

St. James Academy, Monkton, MD


“The St. James Academy Head Search Committee could not have been more pleased by the services provided by The Finney Search Group.  They were responsive to our needs and our timeline. They listened to our community and helped us find the best candidates for our school. At no point did we feel like we were involved in a cookie-cutter process or were being sent the "next man/woman up." At each juncture of the process, from developing the job description, community meetings, vetting the candidates, conducting the interviews, narrowing our selection, and finalizing our choice, our confidence in Sherm, Bo and Chris grew and our trust was rewarded.”

Johnnie Foreman

Gilman School Director of Community Inclusion and Equity

Recipient, 2014 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award

Gilman School.png

"The name of the organization says it all. To know Mr. Finney is to understand the essence and mission of The Finney Search Group. Mr. Finney was an early, passionate pioneer who instilled excellence in students of all colors, creeds, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  This group of professionals is passionate about their work, and they won't settle for placing any individual into a school's position. I offer my strongest recommendation of The Finney Search Group as a firm dedicated to helping schools reach their highest potential by providing the kind of people who can help them achieve that goal."

Gerry Wixted

History Teacher, Soccer & Basketball Coach

Woodberry Forest School, Orange, VA 

Woodberry Forest School.jpg

“The Finney Group team genuinely cared about me as both a professional and as a person. The lengths they went to get to know me made my profile so much more than just a resume. Thanks to their wide network I managed to end up at a school that matched my ambition, and I would never have made that connection without the Finney team’s guidance.”

Diana Parente

Director of Athletics

Flint Hill School, Oakton, VA 


“The Finney Search Group gave both myself and my family the most amazing opportunity.  We first met at Starbucks by my home and from there it was a match.  I was immediately comfortable and completely trusted that they were going to look out for my best interests throughout the hiring process.  Once I was hired they took the time to guide me through my transition, which was extremely helpful and helped set me up for success. I have been so impressed with their work that I have recommended them to all my colleagues in the independent school field.

More importantly, I consider everyone in the group my friend.  I know I can email, text or call them at any point on various topics, and they will help. They are epitome of professionalism and truly are a special group to work with.”

Andrew Martire

Head of School
The Tatnall School, Wilmington, DE


"At multiple schools, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Finney Search Group. Bo, Sherm and Chris are highly professional, responsive, and detail-oriented. Most of all, they give personalized service to the school. They truly make a concerted effort to get to know the school and discern its needs. With The Finney Search Group, I did not feel like I was just a number or run of the mill client as I have felt with other search firms. I always call them as soon as I have an opening and offer them my highest recommendation."

David Farace 

Head of School

McDonogh School, Owings Mills, MD

McDonogh School.png

“The Finney Search Group's expertise, professionalism and deep understanding of independent school culture are unparalleled in the industry. I trust them implicitly and value their partnership.” 

Chris Bates

Manager of Auxiliary Programs and Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach

Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA     

Episcopal Academy.png

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with The Finney Search Group! Their attention to detail, getting to know me and my professional goals, coupled with their extensive knowledge of the marketplace and specific job descriptions, was exceptional! I recommend them to anyone looking to make the next, right move.”   

Charlotte Riggs

Head of School

St. James Academy, Monkton, MD


“It was a pleasure to work with the The Finney Search Group during my interview process. They are respected educators who understand and emphasize the importance of relationships within schools, and they look for the right fit. I received much support and guidance throughout the process, as well as generous time for questions and discussions. Everyone at The Finney Search Group attended my Head's Installation, which showed a personal commitment to their work, and was much appreciated.”

Meredyth Cole

Head of School

Lovett School, Atlanta, GA


“The Finney Search Group has a one-of-a-kind capacity to understand a school’s culture and its importance in candidate selection and fit. You all can read culture, and you have the emotional intelligence to read the candidates. That immediately creates a trusting relationship, and once trust is in place you can say what you believe to be true, and I can hear it. Because I respect you.”

Penny Evins

Head of School

Collegiate School, Richmond, VA

Collegiate School copy.jpg

“It is a pleasure to work with The Finney Search Group. No matter the position, the people who work for the firm and the candidates they yield will enhance your school and broaden your mission delivery.”

Byron Hulsey

Head of School

Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry Forest, VA        

Woodberry Forest School.jpg

"More than most firms, The Finney Search Group adopts a personal approach to the work and understands the cultural ecosystem of the schools they serve. They are able to understand the identity of a school and the needs of each particular search, and then match those variables to strong candidates for their clients." 

Becky Elliott

Head Varsity Field Hockey Coach

St. John's School, Houston, TX        


"The Finney Search Group was wonderful and made me feel like more than just a resume. They took the time to get to know me and understand all I had to offer. I appreciated their kindness, their professionalism, and their understanding and support of my situation. I would gladly work with them again!"

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