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Sherm Bristow
Sherm Bristow

Sherm Bristow

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Sherm’s expertise and success with retained search and placement has allowed Finney Search Group to expand beyond our original mission of placing teacher-coaches into independent schools.

Today Sherm serves as a team leader for each of our Head of School searches. He also has a deep knowledge and understanding of the world of athletics, whether for placing Athletic Directors, teacher-coaches, coaches or similar administrative positions. 


Sherm provides our clients with timely and clear communications, together with a thoroughly-researched approach to every retained search effort he undertakes. He has an uncanny ability to look beyond the words on a resume, and truly understand what makes each candidate special. As a result Sherm will sometimes recommend an “outside the box” candidate, whom our client schools may not have originally considered, yet makes for a uniquely successful match.


Sherm spent twenty-six years at Gilman School, his alma mater, serving in roles including English teacher, Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach, Head Football Coach and finally Associate Headmaster under Reddy Finney. In 1997 he joined Samuel James Ltd., a financial services company. Since 2011, Sherm has focused on bringing The Finney Search Group concept to life.

Sherm attended Princeton University where he played basketball and baseball, and ultimately received a Masters in Education from Loyola College. A native of Baltimore, Sherm played three sports at Gilman School.

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