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June 24 - 26, 2024  |  Baltimore, MD 

SAVE THE DATE  |  June 24-26, 2024

The Finney Search Group is excited to host our second Summer Institute for Athletic Administrators on June
24-26, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland

This intensive in-person opportunity is designed to help current and aspiring high school athletic administrators network and learn from experts in their fields. With the ever-changing nature of athletic administration, athletic administrators must make time for continuing education, professional development and networking. Staying current on best practices, and developing a strong and accessible professional support network are vital.


Our 2024 Institute agenda will be announced shortly and will address some of the most current challenges facing today's "modern Athletic Director". Professionals in their fields will discuss solutions and best practices for the critical issues facing your athletic programs. Networking with your peers from around the country, both inside and outside the classroom, will be invaluable. 


We'll help prepare you to best serve your student-athletes by staying current, connected and energized. We will enable independent school AD's to develop best-in-class athletic departments.

Summer Institute for Athletic Administrators
Summer Institute for Athletic Adminstrators
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