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June 24 - 26, 2024  |  Baltimore, MD 


The Finney Search Group is excited to host our second Summer Institute for Athletic Administrators on

June 24-26, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland.

This intensive in-person opportunity is designed to help current and aspiring high school athletic administrators network and learn from experts in their fields. With the ever-changing nature of athletic administration, athletic administrators must make time for continuing education, professional development and networking. Staying current on best practices, and developing a strong and accessible professional support network are vital.


Our 2024 Institute agenda will address some of the most current challenges facing today's "modern Athletic Director". Professionals in their fields will discuss solutions and best practices for the critical issues facing your athletic programs. Networking with your peers from around the country, both inside and outside the classroom, will be invaluable. 


We'll help prepare you to best serve your student-athletes and coaches by staying current, connected and energized. We will enable independent school AD's to develop best-in-class athletic departments.

Summer Institute for Athletic Administrators
Summer Institute for Athletic Adminstrators


TOPIC 1 |  Athletic Leadership/Coaching the Coaches

Strong culture starts with leaders who are intentional about setting clear expectations that are aligned with the overall institutional mission.  Athletic Directors are expected to galvanize a group of individuals, including full-time and often part-time coaches, which can be a very difficult task.  We'll cover the key components that drive culture, how to instill lasting cultural change, and how to establish a mindset of continuous improvement, regardless of your tenure as an AD. 

TOPIC 2 | Extreme Ownership/Time Audit

The "modern" Athletic Director bears a multitude of responsibilities and is consistently faced with diverse demands. Frequently, time constraints hinder the ability to address long-term planning or strategic initiatives. We will dedicate time to conduct a time audit and explore optimal ways to allocate your time and focus. This aims to ensure that your tasks are accomplished, and priority is given to crucial aspects for running an efficient athletic department.

TOPIC 3 | Assessment Process/K-12 Vertical Alignment

We will explore the key areas that Finney prioritizes when conducting assessments for athletic departments. We'll discuss how to carefully assess these areas for opportunities for improvement and growth. Emphasis will be placed on K-12 vertical alignment and strategies for intentionally fostering and expanding this connection. The ultimate goal is to enhance the student-athlete experience and foster the development of effective programs.

TOPIC 4 | Social Media & Marketing

The material posted on social media frequently serves as the initial encounter a potential family might have with a school. It provides an avenue to showcase your current students, disseminate crucial information about events, and spotlight the traditions within your existing community. Our experts in the field will share insights on current trends, strategies to stand out in the market, and ways to engage your students in content creation.

TOPIC 5 |  The Impact of Sportsmanship on Official Shortages

Managing game day is a crucial responsibility for athletic directors, involving the coordination of internal and external factors. The escalating concern over sideline behavior and the notable shortage of officials across all sports pose significant challenges. We will explore practical strategies to emphasize sportsmanship among spectators, coaches, students, and opponents. Additionally, we'll discuss ways to initiate positive changes at both the school and league levels, ensuring a constructive experience for everyone participating on game day.

TOPIC 6 Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience

The experience of student-athletes encompasses numerous opportunities beyond the technical aspects of the sport. It is crucial to consider the holistic development of the individual and the overall experience offered throughout a student's athletic journey. This discussion will cover awards and recognition for student-athletes, team travel opportunities, and league initiatives aimed at reinforcing and celebrating the values that hold significance for your department and school.

LOCATION:  The St. Paul's Schools

                                11152 Falls Rd.

                            Timonium, MD 21093

COST:  $1695 - Includes

  • all Topics and educational workshop sessions

  • all meals from Monday evening thru Wednesday evening 

  • daily transportation to and from the Courtyard Baltimore Hunt Valley to St. Paul's School. Rooms are reserved under a Finney Search Group block at $159 - $179/night. 

  • does not include lodging and transportation to/from Baltimore.



Jen Baker_edited.jpg

Assoc. Vice Provost & Director of Athletics & Recreation, Johns Hopkins

Jennifer assumed this role on August 6, 2019, and has since led Johns Hopkins to remarkable success in athletics and beyond.  

Under Jennifer's guidance, (cont.)

Foreman pic_edited.jpg

The Finney Search Group

The recipient of many faculty awards, Johnnie’s most recent administrative role was at Gilman School as Director of Community, Inclusion, and Equity. (cont.)

Duncan Booth bio

Chief of Staff
The St. Paul's Schools

Duncan has served as Chief of Staff at St. Paul’s for 2 years, after spending 16 years at Roland Park Country School as the Assistant Head of School for Finance. (cont.)


Director of Athletics
Friends School

Kara has coached lacrosse at the national, collegiate, and high school levels and was named to the USA Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2013. She continues to stay (cont.)

Meg Miller bio

LDAP Program Manager
Echelon Front

Meg works for Echelon Front, a firm comprised of decorated, combat-proven Veterans with experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams. (cont.)


Founder & Director
The MINDset Center

Dr. Hessler specializes in the identification and treatment of anxiety disorders, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, depression, and behavioral disorders. (cont.)

Girls Soccer Team Practising



Arrival Day

5:30pm-8:00pm | Team Dinner and Networking at Tark's Grill,

2360 W. Joppa Rd, Timonium, MD 21093


7:30am | Breakfast & Networking

8:00am | Mindfulness Exercise 

8:30-10:00am | Keynote Kickoff

The AD as the Coach of Coaches: Leading Adults & Creating a Culture of Positivity

10:00-10:30 | Break

10:30-12:30pm | Morning Session 2

Extreme Ownership/Time Audit

12:30-1:30 | Lunch 

1:30-3:00pm | Afternoon Session

Audit Process/K-12 Vertical Alignment

3:00-3:30pm | Break

3:30-5:30 | Small Group Workshops

#1: Social Media & Marketing

#2: Impact of Sportsmanship

on Officiating Shortage 


6:00-9:00pm | Team Dinner and

Networking at The Valley Inn  

10501 Falls Rd., 

Timonium, MD 21210

WEDNEsday 6/26

7:30am | Breakfast & Networking

8:00am | Mindfulness Exercise 

8:30-10:00am | Morning Session 1:

Tour of The St. Paul's Schools &

Facilities Discussion

10:00-10:30am | Break

10:30-12:30pm | Morning Session 2

Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience: Student-Athlete Recognition, Travel, League Initiatives

12:30-1:30pm | Lunch

Roundtable discussions with

RGF Performance

1:30-3:30pm | Afternoon Session

Panel discussion with TFSG on

DEIJB: Connecting Departments/Horizontal Alignment 

4:00pm | Wrap-Up (boxed meals to go)

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